We also own the largest fleet of self Propelled Barges to supply Fresh Potable Water at Mumbai Port. Our list of water barges with their individual capacities are mentioned below :-

•  M.V. TARA 340 Tonnes
•  M.V. KAMLA 340 Tonnes
•  M.V.VIJAY 250 Tonnes
•  M.V.RAJ VEER 270 Tonnes
•  D.B. ROSHNI 400 Tonnes
We are the ONLY BARGE OPERATORS who can supply Fresh Water at MUMBAI HIGH (Offshore Mumbai where O.N.G.C.L. has its Oil and Gas Fields).

We can also supply directly to Rigs and Platforms.

Our vessels “RAJ VEER” and “VIJAY” are also equipped to simultaneously carry deck cargo alongwith Fresh Water and Fuel. They each have clear deck spaces of 18m. X 6m. We can also accommodate a reefer container on the deck. In this way you can also carry provisions offshore.
We understand WATER is a precious commodity and we assure you of our quality.